The Peat and Peatlands component of the CZRI takes a responsible approach to the sustainable development of the peat and peatlands industry by focusing as much on planning as on operations, and as much on developing value-added products as on preparing and implementing peatland reclamation measures once extraction activities have been terminated (in whole or in part).

The services offered and the research conducted by the CZRI’s Peat and Peatlands team are therefore concentrated on an important social dilemma, which is the need to protect our wetlands and coastal habitats and ensure their wise use so as not to cause environmental degradation.


The Peat and Peatlands team offers those involved with wetlands and their associated habitats (industry, individuals, naturalists and environmentalists, governmental and non-governmental organizations) a range of services for ensuring integrated and sensible management of the environment. It is also working, through its research activities, to expand our knowledge about the management and reclamation of peatlands, as well as the cultivation of small northern fruits like the cloudberry (or malt berry) and the development of value-added products.

In addition, the team shares with stakeholders and the general public all or part of the non-confidential results of their work. This information is disseminated through publications, papers, and audiovisual material.