Our environmental services are a product of the combined efforts of the various CZRI sectors and services. The Peat and Peatlands team offers the various stakeholders involved in wetlands and their associated habitats (companies, individuals, naturalists and environmentalists, governmental and non-governmental organizations) a range of services aimed at integrated and reasonable management of our environment. The following are the principal services offered:

  1. Environmental impact assessment
  2. Delineation of wetlands and coastal habitats
  3. Sustainable management of peat extraction and reclamation plans
  4. Quantitative and qualitative peat resource evaluation
  5. Design and monitoring of settling ponds
  6. Training and support for implementing quality control procedures
  7. Analytical services and interpretation of data
  8. Determination of noise level and dust concentrations in the workplace
  9. Organization of professional and technical seminars
  10. Professional support for specific projects


In addition, we invite you to visit the sections of our Web site dealing with the CZRI Engineering Services and Laboratories and Analysis Services. The mandate of the Engineering Services is to assist businesses and organizations working towards the development of coastal zones by offering them advice in terms of integration, improvement and automation of industrial processes and procedures. The CZRI Laboratories and Analysis Services provide their clients with reliable test results (physicochemical and microbiological analyses) in order to ensure that they meet the standards of various government agencies in terms of their products and by-products, the water they use, or the effluents they discharge.