Dr. Jacques Gagnon has been the Scientific Director for Fishery and Marine Products at the CZRI since March of 2006. The addition of this experienced researcher to our team enables us to support the sustainable development of the fishing industry through new avenues of research.

With the help of the Start-up Grants for Professors and Researchers from the Research Innovation Fund of the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, Jacques Gagnon will be putting in place a scientifically based research program focused primarily on the development of marine by-products as well as research into bioactive compounds in the form of natural health products.


At the same time, the Fishery and Marine Products sector will continue to pursue its technological monitoring activities, particularly as they pertain to quality control of marine products and food safety. Observation and analysis of the fishing industry’s scientific, technical and technological context are essential for its sustainable development.

Finally, the Fishery and Marine Products sector is involved with managing the processing of marine products. In particular, it is looking at the increasing problems associated with effluents from marine products processing plants and its effect on coastal environments.