The Aquaculture sector of the Coastal Zones Research Institute directs research programs that are primarily focused on the areas of physiology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics, nutrition and the behaviour of aquatic organisms. There are three general objectives to these research programs:

  • The first involves generating basic and applied knowledge about the biology of aquatic organisms in order to increase the economic viability of cultivating shellfish, crustaceans, and freshwater and marine fish while respecting the environment and individuals;
  • Our second objective involves working in partnership with colleges and universities to enhance the training of trainees and graduate students (technicians, biologists and researchers), helping them to acquire leading-edge knowledge in various fields of research;
  • Our third and final objective involves maintaining and developing a network of research, industrial and financial partners in Canada and elsewhere that will support the development of aquaculture by expanding our field of expertise.

The Aquaculture component’s research team is composed of Scientific Director (post to be filled).

This scientific core is supported by an experienced team of biologists and technicians who specialize in the culture of aquatic organisms (bivalves, salmonids, marine fish and crustaceans). The staff has one dry laboratory and numerous wet laboratories (CZRI Aquaculture Pavilion) with the capacity to produce aquatic animals on a quasi-commercial scale. This team is the real driving force behind our research programs, directing a development program whose overall objective is to transform ideas generated by research into new products and services that will increase the competitiveness of the aquaculture industry.